Intuitive Counseling 

I don't use the word psychic often because I feel too many people have a very narrow view of what that term means. For me, intuitive counseling describes best what I do. I believe everyone has a natural born sense of intuition. I've spent most of my life developing a healthy relationship with my own intuition. The words we presently have to best describe the gifts of intuition are clairvoyance and claircognizance. Which simply means clear sight and clear knowledge.  I can also perceive past and future events. I use these skills and many others to help guide and empower you. My goal isn't to just tell you what's going to happen, good or bad oh well, there it is.  My goal is to alert you of the path your present choices are taking you, and provide you with the insight, encouragement, and tools to create the future for yourself by tapping into your own internal compass! Unfortunately sometimes events from the past can lead you away from trusting the internal compass which is your own innate intuition. It's a beautiful thing to know that we can be guided back to trusting ourselves even if this occurs. Sometimes we subconsciously create reoccurring circumstances because we can become stuck in patterns of thought and behavior that we aren't consciously aware of. Having a better awareness of these patterns or "vibrations" that are currently driving your present and future circumstances, places you firmly in the drivers seat of your own life.

Emotional Freedom Technique

Occasionally clients consult with me while they're having difficulty resolving a severe emotional issue or trauma. No matter what they do, they can't seem to shake a negative feeling or situation, and its starting to affect their daily well being. When this happens I look to provide results that can be felt immediately with meridian 'Tapping" also known as Emotional Freedom Technique. E.F.T. is a form of acupressure, that calms the emotional response to traumas, phobias, and fears. E.F.T. is more commonly known as tapping and has been featured in publications like Oprah Magazine & Huffington Post, on TV shows like The View & Good Morning America, and demonstrated by well known figures in the community like Deepak Chopra, Louise Hay, & Iyanla Vanzant. 

I have over 10 years experience working with friends and clients using tapping, and started my journey by completing intensive certified courses with incredibly gifted instructors. I am not a medical professional and would be considered a peer to peer coach.