Seth has been giving intuitive readings to clients for over 15 years, and most of his new clients come after being referred to him from one of his many satisfied long-term clients. Below is a small sampling of what people have to say about Seth and how he's helped them.

"Seth is extremely intuitive, intelligent, honest and personable (and sweet, and funny, and kind, and sincere, and magical and...ok, you get the picture).  I was a bit nervous going into the first conversation as I didn't know what to expect, but within minutes I was put completely at ease and felt like I was talking to an old friend.  He has become an asset to my life and I often wonder how I managed without him.  It's clear that Seth truly cares about each of his clients, and I am no exception.   He is absolutely wonderful and has truly helped me get through very difficult parts of my life.  He is truly amazing!"



"Seth is truly gifted and very compassionate. I feel better every time we speak. He's the best reader I've spoke to in over a decade. I highly advise everyone to call. His kind words and empathetic nature are truly to be desired. He is an angel. Thank you Seth for everything!"



"I love Seth; I feel like I'm talking to a best friend. He revealed further truths to help me discern that I am on the right path and how to stay there! Seth, I love your energy dear friend. You are very enlightening and very kind. I definitely think anyone would benefit and enjoy a reading with you. Much love to you Seth"



"Thank you so much for the insight and guidance you provided me! Accurately described people with just a name given. Provided me with a detailed level of clarity. Seth is truly amazing and left no stone unturned with his timing, predictions and calming sense of reality. Also great at explaining why things have been happening the way they have... I highly recommend Seth Parker"



"Seth tunes in immediately to my situation, hears my words, and reads my heart with a compassionate truthful approach! I'm amazed how well Seth picks up on the thoughts and feelings with amazing accuracy and with no prompting and with incredible Detail! Seth, every time you are so steadfast with what you see, you have such an amazing gift and thank you for sharing it with us! Thank you for your understanding, patience and compassion with me and my repeated questions! He is a great listener while standing firm in his capabilities as an incredible psychic!"



"I have been calling Seth several years now. He has seen me through many issues and helped me achieve the outcomes I have wanted. His advice on career, finance, and relationships have been given quickly with complete detail and wonderful timing. Seth always describes the other person's personality and motivations with shocking detail and accuracy. He doesn't waste any time and gets right into the specifics of my situation and keeps me on track as I have a tendency to ramble. He takes the time to help me determine the best course of action I should take to solve my problem. He has been like an angel watching out for me."



"I like Seth; he is amazing. He knew my situation and what I was feeling deep down. His insight is spectacular. He hits everything right on the head, describes people perfectly — without any info from me he still totally defined the situation. Straight forward and honest, he is the real deal. Very polite and friendly I felt comfortable talking to him and sharing my situation with him."



"I have had the pleasure of speaking with Seth for 4 years. Since that time Seth has inspired so many of the positive changes in my life. Seth helped identify many cycles in my life and gave me the tools to change everything for the better. He has intimate knowledge of people with only a name given. His predictions of events and how they will occur have been spot on. Thanks for everything Seth!"



"Seth is an honest, professional advisor. Within minutes, you too will find him to be amazingly gifted. Seth is a must call; you will not be wasting your time & money. Seth is an investment I believe in. Seth, thank you for being you, you are a tremendous soul,inspiring personality,and I'm truly honored to have you as my advisor. "



"I want to thank you for your kindness and concern about my situation. Each time we talked, you were well in tune with what was going on without me even telling you. Thank again Seth. Those who are reading this, give him a call! You'll be glad you did"



"You are such a delightful and lovely person to talk to all of the time. I am so honored that you are on my side to talk to me when life sometimes gets me down. Seth, I truly feel that you are one of the many Guardian Angels that is constantly not only protecting me, but also healing my soul. Thank you so much for being there for me time and time again. Bless you forever!"



"I was referred to Seth by my hairdresser and salon owner going on two years ago. I've never been disappointed in what Seth has told me, and he's helped me through some critical times of my life. I won't tell you that he's been 100 percent accurate absolutely all the time, but I think if that's what you're expecting from any kind of a psychic reading, you're starting off unrealistically and at a disadvantage. I was amazed at what Seth has been able to tell me about certain situations and people in my life, without hearing anything about them from me. And when it comes to ongoing situations, he's been very on the money about those as well. Talking to Seth is like talking to an old friend — the friend you have who always seems to understand you, and who will always tell you the truth and give you an unbiased viewpoint. I can't recommend him highly enough."